Barnstaple Classic Cinema COLLECTION


Cheers for showing interest in the looking for local artist post. You're probably wondering why I'm reaching out...

Recently I was browsing online for mask and ending up ordering 3 different designs from REDBUBBLE. Whilst browsing RB I was shocked at how much amazing fan art was available and started to wonder if I could somehow incorporate BarnstapleCCC and promote local artists.

So the plan is to launch the Barnstaple Classic Cinema Collection RB store filled with exclusive designs by local artists.

Terms and Conditions

All designs will be available exclusively on the BarnstapleCCC RB store page

Any money made from your design/s will be shared 50/50

Only design art that feature films listed on the themed list (if we have not screened the film then it's not club related)


Fan art...RB is littered with it, 1% official and 99% probably shouldn't be there, we're joining the 99% to test the water, worst case RB remove selected designs or shuts the shop down but we got to be in it to win it right?!

The first wave I'm planning is for October and will be Halloween themed. If you're interested in taking part all you need to do is design something amazing that features any number of these films that will look amazing on a T-shirt.




The Lost Boys

Little Shop of Horrors

The Thing

An American Werewolf in London

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Shaun of the Dead

The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Remember please stick to the above list! If you're really against the horror idea but would still like to be featured in our launch please get in contact and I'm sure we can sort something out.

All designs need to be submitted by Sunday 27th September.

Please read about Dimensions and Format here so you know what is required to make a good print.

Once launched I'll be posting all the info to all @BarnstapleCCC social media pages and hopefully get the local radio/papers onboard. I'll link each design to the social media to whatever social media links you would like me to include so they can see your other work.


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